The third Pathfinder achievement class, Explorer, is a course of study that will help the pathfinder find new adventures in exploring God's world to secure true and genuine happiness while being a channel of His blessings to others.

The Explorer Achievement Class has the following objectives:

  1. Provide opportunities for the juniors to learn that God loves and cares for all people.
  2. Help them to realize that Christ is the greatest revelation of God.
  3. Encourage an awareness within the juniors that the church is interested in them as individuals.
  4. Allow personal growth and development through interpersonal relationships within selected activities.
  5. Enlarge their vision of the needs of their community and to help them find ways of attending to these needs.
  6. Assist them in developing a desire for achievement in all their work.
Achievement class patches

Explorer name patch  The class name patch is to be worn above the right pocket of the Type A uniform.
 Explorer individual chevron The class chevron is to be worn below the Pathfinder insignia.
Achievement class pin and ribbon

Explorer class pin  The class pin indicates that the pathfinder completed the Explorer Achievement Class.
 Explorer advanced class ribbon The advanced class ribbon, Wilderness Explorer, is awarded to pathfinders who have completed the Explorer advanced class requirements.
  • Instructors:

    1. MG Watson Ho (Leader)
    2. MG Faelmar Tañada


    1. MGT Iren Aguillon (Girls)
    2. MGT Glenson Galupo (Boys)
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